The Gourmand #12

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Jonas the mouse perches on a pyramid of emmental - and several of his friends appear inside, lazing on peaks of Gubbeen, chunks of Gouda and pillars of Boucheron. This excellent murine photo shoot by Jenny van Sommers is just one of many reasons to get excited about the new Gourmand. Elsewhere you'll find Jerry Saltz giving forth about sh*t coffee, the culinary collaboration between Vivienne Sassen and Phillip Lim, the Meat Abstracts of Helen Chadwick and a little natural wine talk with Eric Wareham.


Handsome of face and luxurious of feel, The Gourmand is a food and culture journal which brings timeless, well written, specially commissioned features to our hungry hands.


Meatballs and spaghetti from basket balls and hosepipes, chips and ketchup from lengths of 4 x 2 and plastic bags. Amy Currell conjures food from everyday items, and they're pretty ace.

The Gourmand #12 - Colours May Vary
The Gourmand #12 - Colours May Vary
The Gourmand #12 - Colours May Vary