The Comics Journal #303

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After a lengthy hiatus The Comics Journal has returned and we are more than buoyed up by the news. The first issue in almost 6 years, which has an 83 page feature / interview with Tomi Ungerer at its heart, arrived just as the sad news of Tomi's death reached us. Gary Groth's article about the great cartoonist, illustrator, sculptor, political agitator and sexual revolutionary is a wonderfully written introduction to an truly amazing life. The interview, recorded in 3 parts earlier in 2018, sheds further light on the artist's inspirations, memories, drives, activities and processes as Ungerer traces his extraordinary life trajectory. Sadness cannot help but infuse these pages, but Ungerer's words are an inspiration, as was the man himself. More Tomi Ungerer's are required, there is a large vacancy to fill.


The Comics Journal is a bi-annual publication which takes a critical look at world of comic publishing.


Ok, we should mention the article on the re-appraisal of the canon of comic classics, the peak into Antoine Cosse's sketchbook, the overview of American mainstream comics and interview with self-proclaimed 'emotional cartoonist' Fifi Martinez. All amazing content!

The Comics Journal #303