Pressing Matters #7

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New issue and an excellent new cover feel for our favourite magazine, Pressing Matters. That stunning abstract screenprint on the front is by Jonathan Lawes, and there's plenty more printed goodness inside where that came from. This issue broadens the printmakers palette further by including Marine Rivoal & Claire Sichez's animated collagraphs, the bold and graphic merged text and image of block printer Will Mower and the ethereal cyanotypes of Craig Keenan. Elsewhere there are studios making letterpress printed cards, adventuring printers who've taken to the saddle and the nature-inspired monotypes of Andy Lovell.


A beautifully produced magazine from Bristol Independent Publishers which explores the people, passion and process behind modern printmaking.


We've stocked, and loved the work of Jon Mcnaught since we opened our doors, and the interview inside, which sheds light on his meticulous process, is a joy to read.

Pressing Matters #7 - Colours May Vary