Malvern Picture Palace A3 Print | Adam Allsuch Boardman

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These prints are part of our latest exhibition which accompanies the interactive heritage project 'Hiding In Plain sight'. The project, launched by The Hyde Park Picture House, allows you to rediscover the lost cinemas of Leeds - where they were situated, who designed them, when they opened their doors and, in most cases, when they closed them for the last time.

The images for the project have been designed by the talented Leeds-based illustrator Adam Allsuch Boardman. For the show 12 of the 70 images produced were chosen to be reproduced as A3 (29.7 x 42cm) art prints.


Malvern Picture Palace 1912-1971 (demolished). Beeston Rd, Beeston Hill.

The Malvern Picture Palace in Beeston was an unusual design with a mock tudor frontage. The architect was W.H. Beevers, who also designed the Hillcrest Picture House. It opened in 1912 with 850 seats and was known for having a clock with a neon pendulum above the main doors. It closed in 1971 and sat derelict for a while until it was demolished.


Malvern Picture Palace A3 Print | Adam Allsuch Boardman | Colours May Vary