Lost in Amsterdam.

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I think it's about time you lot got lost... in Amsterdam that is! These lovely guides are all about finding the things which make each city unique, the sights, smells, sounds and tastes that signify 'we are here'.

Lost in Amsterdam gives us a personal 'here and now' guide to the best of this beautiful city from the creative community who live there. Inside we get to set our wheels (this is bike heaven after all) to the city's lesser known spots away from the centre, wander the vintage shops and sneaker haunts with the founder of Denham Jeans, get a fashion designer's guide to the real Amsterdam fashion experience and buzz around the shops, galleries and cafes of Noord and De Pijp. There are also essays on the city's love affair with the bicycle and the influence of Dutch architecture.

Designed by Node in Berlin, these lovely bag sized guides are beautifully laid out, featuring photographic showcases, in-depth features, postcards and an excellent place index to all the shops, museums, restaurants and galleries mentioned inside.

Lost In Amsterdam