Hope to Nope: Graphics And Politics 2008 - 18.

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Can graphic design truly challenge and alter political events? 'Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008 - 18' (published in conjunction with the recent exhibition at The Design Museum) examines the political graphic design of the last decade, from the great recession of 2008 to the Brexit referendum and the coming to power of one Donald Trump. 

Taking artefacts ranging from traditional banners and posters to the rise of social networks and digital media, this fascinating title explores the way in which the use of traditional media and new technologies has created a platform where the influence and impact of graphic design has never been more powerfully felt.

Featuring interviews with Milton Glaser and Shepard Fairey, and including works from international artists and designers including Sagmeister & Walsh, Barnbrook and Gorilla.

Size: 210 x 150mm

Pages: 128

Publisher: The Design Museum 



Hope to Nope: Graphics And Politics 2008 - 18.