Fare Magazine #4 - Seoul

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The importance of food within a culture is captured beautifully in the introductory article of the new Fare magazine. John T Edge's brilliant essay focuses on Potlikker, a dish central to the people of Charleston, South Carolina. History, geography, race, rights, class, family... this simple broth sits at the heart of it all. Throughout the magazine this connection between food and community prevails, whether it be through the re-discovery of a watermelon variety by an ancestor of the original grower, or the revival of heirloom ingredients by James Beard, a chef passionate about Southern cuisine.  Elsewhere there are farmers, millers, restauranteurs, grits grills, beets and waffles in another terrific issue that brings together food and the people who eat, make and cook it.


A beautifully published magazine which travels from one city to the next with each issue. Edited by Ben Mervis, a food historian who once worked with Rene Redzepi at Noma and sits as part of the Netflix Chef's Table team. Yes, it's as good as that sounds.


The stunning photography throughout captures an essence of place - and it's one we'd very much like to visit!

Fare Magazine #4 - Seoul