Eye On Design #4 'Worth'

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Issue #4 of Eye on Design is the 'Worth' issue, which looks at how value design in terms of power, money, influence, and emotions. Inside you'll find colour shades that cost the earth, a look at design conference gender equality and the rise of women CEO's in the industry, some puzzling over Universal Basic Income and ferreting into just who is making the money in the world of graphic design.


A coming together of beautiful physical artefact, literary journal and design showcase. This is a beautiful piece of design publishing by the team at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).


With outline typefaces, eye jazzing gradients, a disregard for standardised layouts and those oozy illustrations, the latest issue pushes the boundaries of clean design further back into the margins - we'll look back at EoD as we look back on David Carson's Raygun.

Eye On Design #4 'Worth'