CITIx City Guides - Tokyo (revised edition!)

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The Tokyo CITIX60 guide is your gateway to the most populous metropolitan area in the world, and an eye-catching and beautifully presented gateway it is! The destinations are chosen by 60 leading local creatives and range from the 'I've always wanted to go there' to the 'Where on Earth is that?'. The guides cover the areas of art & design, architecture, food & drink, entertainment and shopping, and always turn up something new. Not only that, every guide comes with QR codes on each page, which take you directly through to the destination on Google Maps (fancy!) and each comes covered in a beautiful wrap-around artist-drawn map of the city (this one is by Masako Kubo). There are city district maps inside too, lots of photographs and even a personal notes section in the back to doodle in.

Size: 113 x 165

Pages: 132

Publisher: Victionary, 2014

CITIx City Guides - Tokyo (revised edition!)