American Advertising Cookbooks | Christina Ward

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Oh, this is great. American Advertising Cookbooks (Subtitled 'How Corporations Taught Us To Love Spam, Bananas, and Jell-O') is chock full of beautiful, slightly queasily coloured adverts and recipes for... gelatin salads, mystery meats, and boiled ham and banana rolls - mmmmm.


This excellent title, written by Christina Ward, tells the fascinating (and often infuriating) story of corporate greed, advertising and the manipulation of American cuisine. Chapters cover everything from the use of racial stereotyping in brand identities and the gender stereotyping of women, to the activities of the food councils, and the rise of molded foods.


Like some of the vegetable terrines pictures inside - this is illuminating stuff.


Size: 180 x 254mm

Pages: 239

Publisher: Process



American Advertising Cookbooks | Christina Ward