A New Type Of Imprint #13

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Unlucky for some? Issue 13 of A New Type Of Imprint is the last. ANTI have grown tired of the slow life, the slow journalism, slow heavy reads and have produced a travel-sized mag that has great design at heart, one that aims to pull your attention from the constant nag-nag-nag of your phone. Functional and fun, vibrant and absorbing and with a novel, almost dos-a-dos like binding, which cleaves the mag into two surprising halves. What do we get - graphic brutalism, Danish furniture, trusting your brain, revelling in uselessness, future-changing brands - and this is just the words section. Throw in graphic eye candy from Alex Trochut, bold illustration from Kelly Anna, the infrared images of Kate Ballis and the abstract minimalist designs of Timo Lenzen. Blockbusting.


ANTI is a sumptuously published quarterly which introduces us to contemporary Norwegian and Nordic creative culture.


Is it really over? Just when things moved up a gear? That binding, the playful typesetting, the new size... that binding!

A New Type Of Imprint #13