Weapons of Reason #5 'Food'

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The new Weapons of Reason is all about food. Inside WOR investigates the birth of our agrarian culture, the damaged and depleted topsoil that barely sustains our farming requirements and the possibilities of replacing an environmentally damaging meat industry with sustainable alternatives. Elsewhere there are articles on the threat of antibiotic resistance, the increased prevalence of plastics in the food we eat, and agricultural life post Brexit.


Weapons of Reason is a bi-annual publishing project by Human After All which aims to help understand and articulate the global challenges shaping our world. It is serious stuff, but also seriously beautiful.


How do we face the future when the statistics are so demoralizing? Weapons of Reason makes us face up to the facts, but also talks to us about re-engaging, acting and making change. 


Weapons of Reason #5 'food'