Typeone Magazine #02 | Lenticular Cover Edition!

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Do not adjust yer sets! Typeone returns for its sophomore issue and does so in some serious style - sporting a wonderfully eye-boggling lenticular cover courtesy of Gydient. This issue explores the world of kinetic type and includes articles on typography's role in brand storytelling, the 4th-dimensional world of animated typefaces, how moving type drives engagement, and a 'how to' guide to creating Instagram stickers from the excellent Matt Voyce.


There's also an interview with motion master Mitch Paone of Studio DIA and a look at the colliding worlds of augmented reality and type with Naufalrel Pandu.


Lenticular cover limited to 1000 copies!



As editor Amber Weaver says in the first editorial - this is a historical artefact of our design culture, not just a magazine.



From that cover in, this issue is a complete joy for the eyes - maximal, glossed up, trippy and handsome as hell.

Typeone Magazine #02 | Colours May Vary