Turps Banana #27

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Inside the new Turps there are interviews with Heike Kelter, Carroll Dunham, Tyree Guyton, and Richard Roth, and conversations between Pinkie Maclure and Geraldine SwayneGrant Foster and Andrzej Jackowski, and Clement Page and David Rhodes.


Elsewhere, Simon Bill reflects on the work of John Walker, Charles Williams looks at the paintings of Joseph Highmore, and Joni Spigler examines Paul Cézanne's paintings of sculptures.



Turps Banana is a magazine about painting that is largely made by painters. Eschewing heavy theory in favour of conversation, this is an approachable, personal, and endlessly fascinating contemporary art magazine.

Size: 210 x 270mm

Pages: 80

Turps Banana #27 | Colours May Vary