Turps Banana #20

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The new Turps Banana is here (happy 20th!) and brings us watercolours, portraiture, alcove paintings and abstraction. Inside there are conversations between George Blacklock and Brice Marden, Heike Kelter and Rosa Loy, and David Schutter and Andre Butzer. Elsewhere there are the delicate large-scale watercolours of Barabara Nicholls, the large abstracts of Phil King and the alcove paintings of John Stark.


Turps Banana is a magazine about painting which is largely made by painters. Eschewing heavy theory in favour of conversation, this is an approachable, personal and endlessly fascinating contemporary art magazine.


A fascinating chat between art critic Barry Schwabsky and curator Andrew hunt, which takes in everything from feminist approaches to painting to the Research Enterprise Framework.

Turps Banana #20