Tribune #23 | Civil War Without Guns

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The new Tribune takes a look back at the miner's strike 40 years on. inside, there's a reflection on Seumas Milne's 'The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners', which was first published 30 years ago, Charlie Winstanley looks at how the Tory project of deindustrialisation smashed the confidence of the socialist movement, and Taj Ali looks back at how the experience of South Asian's in Britain led them out onto the picket lines in 1984, and the author David Peace is interviewed about his book GB84 and his own experiences of growing up in a Yorkshire mining community.


Elsewhere: Emily Ingram looks back at the working-class women who's skills and determination sustained the miners during the '84 strike, and Diarmaid Kelliher writes about how the London's diverse workforces and communities provided a decisive form of strike support.




Tribune has campaigned for socialist ideals inside and outside parliament since 1937 and was relaunched in print in 2018. 

Size: 210 x 296mm

Pages: 80


Tribune #23 | Civil War Without Guns