Tribune #22 | The New New Labour

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The new Tribune looks critically at Starmer's New New Labour. Inside Grace Blakeley looks at the repercussions and consequences of New Labour ceding control of the Bank of England, Alex Niven dissects a Grey Labour Party that matches the current 'pallid interregnum in human cultural joy' we are all living through, and Mike Beggs investigates how the decline in mass parties has lead to the erosion of democracy.

Elsewhere: the much-missed Mark Fisher on his futurist Labour vision, a chat with Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore, and Owen Dowling on Tribune's historic support of a post-war African decolonisation.



Tribune has campaigned for socialist ideals inside and outside parliament since 1937 and was relaunched in print in 2018. 

Size: 210 x 296mm

Pages: 96

Size: 210 x 297mm

Pages: 95

Tribune #22 | The New New Labour | Colours May Vary