The Wire Magazine #472

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"To cheer myself up / Put the radio on, get the magazine out"

YES - the brand new Wire has The Fall at its centre and devotes 20 pages to their expansive world. As five former fall members reunite in their new House of All project, The Wire gathers together writers, musicians, artists and the odd comedian (thanks Stewart Lee) to talk about everything from MES's hold over his audience to the band's embracing of ballet.


Elsewhere DJ Scotch Egg waxes lyrical about Faust, there's an Invisible Jukebox with London-based DIY experimental artist No Home, and there's a full page review of Cathi Unsworth's new book about Goth.



Wire has brought us monthly adventures in sound and music since 1982. Erudite, thoughtful, and always playing in the margins.


Size: 230 x 280mm

Pages: 106

The Wire Magazine #472 | Colours May Vary