The Wire Magazine #470

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The April issue of Wire brings us an innovative three way turntable project helmed by Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei & Victoria Shen, there's an interview with Dorothy Mokowitz (vocalist with pioneering group The United States of America), a chat with musician Damien Roach about AI generated sampling, and an Invisible Jukebox with Japanese underground legend Tatsuya Yoshida.


This issue comes with the cover mounted Wire Tapper (No.61), featuring 16 new tracks by Sourdurent, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Teufelskeller, Ettab, Mungo's Hi Fi, Mehmet Aslan, and more. 



Wire has brought us monthly adventures in sound and music since 1982. Erudite, thoughtful, and always playing in the margins.


Size: 230 x 280mm

Pages: 106

The Wire Magazine #470