The Eyes #11 | Transgalactic

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For their eleventh issue, The Eyes team invited artist-researcher SMITH and performer and curator Nadège Piton to sketch a subjective panorama of the place played by photography in the construction of the (trans)gender.
The Eyes #11 questions the place played by photography in the recognition of trans identity.


This Transgalactic issue highlights a constellation of works and books by trans and/or queer artists who have marked and inspired SMITH and Piton in their respective personal and artistic journeys.


Within the magazine, these portfolios take the form of a transgalactic journey, in an artistic galaxy that includes four systems: PHAINO (omen), PHOSPHOROS (reveal), DIAPHAINO (transpire) and ANAPHAINO (illuminate). Named after declensions of φῶς (phôs), which in ancient Greek means light, the emergence of these new narratives composes new points of view, from the prism of the singular identity experience of their author.


Size: 240 x 150mm

Pages: 240

The Eyes #11 | Transgalactic