Standart #22

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Issue #22 has one of our favourite themes of all... animals. Pooches in particular form a part of our routines, lockdown or otherwise. Taking our dogs for a weekend walk and stopping in our favourite pooch friendly cafe for a coffee and maybe even a puppacino are central to our wellbeing. 

If you are more of a cat person, and lets face it, cats are a little less accommodating when it comes to being taken out and about, there is a great article on Cat cafes!

As well as all that there is of course a focus on the coffee itself, there is a look at whether Kopi Luwak coffee can be ethical; how the modern allongé is perhaps the fruitiest espresso you can taste with Scott Rao; and passion’s path to coffee with Kenji Kojima of Fuglen Coffee. 



Standart is a beautifully published magazine that is here to introduce us to speciality coffee culture in all of its forms. From ethics to maker profiles, barista skills to city guides, there is something here for every fan of the brown stuff.


The cool postcard that fell on my lap when I was reading it! Illustrated by Kimiaki Yaegashi.

Standart #22