Standart #16

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Standart isn't just about coffee's hip centre, it doesn't just pour over (sorry) latte art and avocados, it takes time to look at the industry and how it functions (and how it could function better). Issue #16 has a sustainability feel running through it, with advice on what to do with coffee grounds, an introduction to ideas of the 'circular economy' and the facts about single-use plastics in the coffee industry. there is also a country profile on Sri Lanka, Canadian baristas, a visit to the Tokyo 'bookstore where you can sleep' and a coffee lovers guide to Austin, Texas.


Standart is a beautifully published magazine that is here to introduce us to speciality coffee culture in all of its forms. From ethics to maker profiles, barista skills to city guides, there is something here for every fan of the brown stuff.


Beautiful debossed cover from Studio Les Canailles!

Standart #16 - Colours May Vary