Something | Somewhere Magazine #01 Grim Art, Martin Dust

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Martin Dust is one-third of the pioneering, Sheffield-based electronica act The Black Dog. He also has a background as a graphic designer and has, in more recent years, begun producing photographic work.


Something | Somewhere is a new quarterly magazine, set up by Martin, to support photographers and their passion projects directly. The first issue presents Martin's own work. He writes:


"For the last two years, I’ve resisted taking pictures of anything other than Brutalist buildings. Often I’d ignore things because, in some way, I don’t want to show a place as rundown or at the very least, has seen better days. It felt like I was doing the place a disservice, so I ignored the urge for the longest time.

A change of camera and the opportunity to spend all day at a location changed that way of thinking. I started collecting pictures to complement my brutalist pictures. Not being sure what to call them, I settled with “Grim Art”, because I think it suited them better than “mundane” or “banalogy” which I feel don’t speak to the people who design and make the objects in my photographs. So, “Grim Art” it is."


Published in an edition of 100 copies


Size: 210 x 297mm (A4)

Pages: 36

Something | Somewhere Magazine #01 Grim Art, Martin Dust | Colours May Vary