Soccerbible #11 'Culture'

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Soccerbible has always been a sports magazine at the intersection of the wider creative cultural environment, and issue #11 dedicates itself to this theme. Wiley graces the cover and waxes lyrical about the beautiful game, Maximillion Cooper talks motor sport and Chelsea, there's a tour around the grounds and clubs of Russia and an article on the development of fitness, speed, skills and stamina in the modern game. 



The tagline for this quarterly football magazine is 'The new soccer culture' and we couldn't really argue. This is soccer writ large, encompassing all aspects of cultural life, including fashion, film, art, design and, of course, footie. SoccerBible is over 200 pages of lovingly produced print about the beautiful game, and we can only say amen to that.


A perfect photo shoot by Matthew Poulton which documents the halftime snacks eaten by the fans of various countries (France wins - cigs, Kronenburg and a chocolate bar)

Soccerbible #11 'Culture'