Slanted #41 | Amsterdam.

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Issue #41 sees a return to the city-focussed format which finds the Slanted team taking us on a tour around Amsterdam's vibrant design scene. Inside you'll find incredible book designer Irma Boom, the brilliant team behind Macguffin magazine, Estonian graphic designer Elizabeth Klementindependent international communications agency KesselKramer and many more. there's a look at Dutch brands, some beautifully illustrated font names, and selection of enlightening essays



A graphic design publication in which each issue takes a country/city/subject as a jumping-off point in which to examine the creative output. Combining highly visual content with essays and articles to the rear, Slanted is both for the eyes and the brain. And at almost 250 pages, both get a treat.


Size: 160 x 240mm

Pages: 224



Slanted #41 | Amsterdam.