Shoplifters #7 Los Angeles Special

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Issue 7 of Actual Source's Shoplifters is a Los Angeles special issue and it is a 296 page monster. Interviews with Kali Kinikitas and Tanya Rubbak, featuring Folder Studio, April Grieman, Aaron Jupin, Inventory Press and Norma Studio and studio visits to Public Library, Lux Typo and Forest.


Shoplifters is a bi-annual publication published by Actual Source, which champions the work of graphic designers, typographers, artists, illustrators and writers.


We had some amazing Aaron Jupin riso prints in our space last year at Yuck Print House's 'The One Who Looks' exhibition - so it's great to see more of his drawings in this issue.

Shoplifters #7 Los Angeles Special
Shoplifters #7 Los Angeles Special