Pressing Matters #20

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Pressing Matters reaches 20 issues and does so in some style! Fittingly, the theme that flows through this anniversary edition is colour, which bounces off each and every page - as it says in the editorial, it's an issue full of vibrancy and brilliant ideas.


It's always lovely to see friends within the pages of Pressing Matters, and inside we get to explore the experimental, colour-saturated work of Kate Gibb and the nature-inspired screenprints of trekking Yorkshire printer Graham 'Army of Cats' Pilling (hi guys!). Elsewhere you'll discover the Fauvist, impressionist landscapes of Guiseppe D'Innella, the Scandinavian-inspired folklore work of Morven Graham, the riso prints of illustrator Sumuyya Khader, and we discover the winner of the Pressing Matters Print Challenge.


Editor John Coe also reflects on getting to 20 issues of this brilliant magazine and picks one of his favourite prints while he's about it.



A beautifully produced magazine from Bristol Independent Publishers which explores the people, passion and process behind modern printmaking.


Size: 210 x 280mm

Pages: 100

Pressing Matters #20 | Colours May Vary