Preserve Journal #7

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A new Preserve journal, a beautiful new re-design (thank you Regina Idiartegaray) and the same wonderful spirit of curiosity, adventure and passion.


The new issue features articles (personal, academic, historical and practical) on the use of coca in Columbian cuisine, a potted history of marmalade, foraging strolls in Belgium, and the misleading practice of beewashing. Elsewhere there are conversations with soil experts, discussions about regenerative farming, a fascinating focus on the fallibility of taxonomy, and a mouthwatering artichoke pizza recipe.


Beautifully assembled and wide-ranging in content, the Preserve journal is the perfect place to begin to explore and imagine a more sustainable, resilient, and responsible food culture.



This beautifully published independent print publication is dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, and resilient food culture. 


Size: 160 x 240mm

Pages: 126


Preserve Journal #7 | Colours May Vary