Positive News #118

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Passionate bakers and campaigners from all corners of the UK are working on raising our game when it comes to bread. We can do far better than cheap, ultra-processed supermarket loaves, they say, democratising good bread so it’s available to all.


Other features include: Bold and beautiful ideas for collective thriving in The Ministry of Imagination • London’s first all-female garage • Training African hairdressers in mental health counselling • For the love of men supporting men • Life after escaping gang violence • How to inject awe into your life • Putting empty buildings to use • The value in changing our minds.



Positive News is a quality independent publication that brings us 'Constructive Journalism' in the form of good news, progress, possibility and solutions.


Size: 210 x 270mm

Pages: 83


Positive News #118 | Colours May Vary