Positive News #102 'Together, We Will Thrive'

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How are we to be positive in the current world situation? Positive News is here to reassure us that the 'New Normal' doesn't have to equate to a worse world. From greener economies to united communities and welfare that works, this issue uncovers the opportunities for progress in the wake of the crisis and makes some hopeful predictions for the future. We will thrive, not merely survive.


Positive News is a quality independent publication which brings us 'Constructive Journalism' in the form of good news, progress, possibility and solutions.


The protests of the Black Lives Matter movement woke us all from isolation, got people onto the streets, unified people in times of extreme anxiety against oppression and discrimination. Micha Frazer-Carroll looks at how the calls of the Black Lives Matter movement are finally being heard. 

Positive News #102 'Together, We Will Thrive'