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The inaugural issue of Pictoplasma's magazine concerns itself with masks. A theme developed for the 2019 Pictoplasma festival in Berlin - the mask is now an omnipresent aspect of our society. This issue takes a closer look at artistic strategies that deal with the human face — or its absence…


Inside, among a wealth of beautiful and eerie masks, you'll find articles on the future of 3D makeup, the new world of face filters, mask-wearing in the act of protest, and reclaiming power and identity through the use of drag makeup.


Issue #1 is an incredible snapshot of the world of character creation, containing some of our very favourite artists and illustrators - Jon Burgerman, Rila Alexander, Hel Covell, Marylou Faure, Dan Woodger, Guillaume Kashima, Aman Khanna and many, many more.


Size: 210 x 315mm

Pages: 168

Pictoplasma Magazine #1 | FaceValue | Colours May Vary