Occulture Special Edition | Occult Remixes

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Occult Remixes is a new, standalone edition of Occulture. It gathers some of the team's favourite, but long out of print pieces from their previous magazine projects. Each article has been remixed - re-written for an Occulture audience and combined with new and old artwork - to create something new from the old. There's also an unpublished piece among the contents.


Inside we go behind the scenes of Gialli horror classic, The House With Laughing Windows, ponder the rise and fall of the psychedelic utopia (or the birth and demise of better living through chemistry), revisit the over-looked folk horror series The Third Day and look at some of the inspirations for the show, and sit down with Sweat (whereabouts now unknown), leader of the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band.


Size: 147 x 210mm

Pages: 38


Occulture Special Edition | Occult Remixes