Northern Earth #169

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The roots of Northern Earth were formed in a Leeds pub over 40 years ago and the magazine that bears their name is now 169 issues old - we thought it high time we got onboard!


With its focus on megalithic sites, sacred landscapes, psychogeography, folklore & tradition, strange phenomena and 'other aspects at the interface of human consciousness and the land from prehistory to the present' the title finds itself in the position of progenitor to the print titles that have rekindled an interest in folklore, folk horror and the occult in the last few years.


There is the feel of the parish newsletter to Northern Earth (albeit a reliably researched and referenced one), a simplicity that is both familiar and in keeping with the magazine's rural and pastoral settings. However, unlike the parish newsletter, you won't find parent toddler groups and coffee mornings inside - things are quite different here. In the new issue you'll find a 300 year old mummified fox in Leeds, a vintage ley and megalithic stones in Kent, apocryphal gods in the Wirral peninsula, and the geomantic principles governing a prehistoric site in the Netherlands.


Free from agendas or beliefs, Northern Earth takes a broad-based 'earth mysteries' or 'neo-antiquarian' approach to its subject area - and we're very glad to have it in stock.


Size: 147 x 210mm

Pages: 34

Northern Earth #169