Noble Rot #32 | Sacred Lunch

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This issue's special guest is Fergus Henderson, the celebrated chef, famous for his influence on 'nose to tail eating'. (He gave up working in architecture because he didn't like sitting at his desk eating sandwiches and drinking coffee!)

Elsewhere in this issue Peter Crouch gets trained to spot corked wine, there is a look at what the future holds for Bordeaux,  Hokkaido's emerging winemaking scene and  a review of Madrid's Sacha by Keira Knightley! 



Noble Rot is the new home of exciting and passionate wine writing, forged by friends Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew. Always beautifully illustrated and accessibly written, this compact, ad-free independent is changing the way we think about wine.


Size: 170 x 230mm

Pages: 116

Noble Rot #32 | Sacred Lunch