Mushpit #10

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'Take courage from our excursion into the depths of millennial hell...' runs the editorial of the new Mushpit and if hell is this funny, we want to go! From ads that sell us lotions to help avoid 'pricks' to hand exercises to help ward off onanistic indulgence! There are male home truths, a hilarious test to find out which kind of creative you are and even some high art crit from the White Pube. Irreverant, messy (in a good way) and very funny.


Irreverent, but relevant, Mushpit is a magazine that sits somewhere between Adbusters and Vice (which is unsurprising as the founders have worked on both) and seems to exist to suck the boredom out of lives by making us laugh like drains. Ad free, female run and fresh as a mouthwash.


Where else are you going to find a male photoshoot with sentences like 'We need to approach male miseducation as an epidemic' typed over the boys?

Mushpit Magazine #10