Mundial #25

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Issue 25 of the world's greatest football magazine (we are getting issue 24 soon, promise!) turns the floodlights on the phenomenon of midweek pick-up football. Gone are the days of waiting near a park to see if a game starts up, or joining the local rec to see if there is any action - pick-up football is joining people of all ages, nationalities, genders and abilities via apps and it is taking off out of the blocks like Newcastle against Spurs.


Elsewhere Mundial bids farewell to everyone's favourite Chelsea player (love you Gianluca), there's the baffling world of football superstitions, a meeting with North African ultras, and some hanging out with Sunderland's official photographer




Mundial Magazine is here to remind us why we love football, and it does a proper stand-up job about it.




Mundial #25 | Colours May Vary