Monocle Drinking & Dining Directory - Spring/Summer 2019.

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Issue 2 of Monocle's Drinking & Dining Directory is here, again aiming to meet the people behind the vineyards, roasteries, restaurants and retailers that the Monocle team has discovered on its globetrotting travels. There is SO much in this new volume, it'll be hard to give you a taste, but here goes: There are Viennese vineyards, escapes to the hills of Tuscany, what we'll be drinking in 2020 (fizzy milk!), Mediterranean mezzes, Portuguese entrepreneurs, the best food retailers, picnic proclamations, Asian barbecue and a trolley-load of tarts and cakes (phew!)


Monocle is the lifestyle and global affairs magazine. Always packed with content and with it's fingers on the world's pulse, there is a month's worth of reading in each copy!


And the best restaurant award goes to... we're not saying, but the top 50 are here and for once there are a few UK entries!

Monocle Drinking & Dining Directory - Spring/Summer 2019 - Colours May Vary