MacGuffin #7 'The Trousers'

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The new MacGuffin is wearing the trousers for issue #7 and has it's sections split into 'pants up', 'pants down' and pants off'. Excellent.

Ever wondered how workwear found its way onto the fashion runway? Why trousers send a jolt of sexual energy through us? Which trousers Gert Jonkers (editor of Fantastic Man) looks back to with nostalgia and embarrassment? If you can you make a pair of slacks out of a tent? Well, look no further, MacGuffin is here to answer all of these questions and more!


MacGuffin is a magazine about the life of things. Often seen as humble and prosaic, these objects spring to life under the lens, revealing strange, wonderful and fascinating stories which spin off at tangents. Beautifully assembled, with varied paper stocks, great photography, handsome illustration and some very readable copy, this magazine raises the ordinary to the sublime.


The whole #iseefaces thing got old pretty quickly, but Vytautas Kumza's portraits of smiling, angry and shocked pants (see that cover) have revived the idea for us!

MacGuffin #7 'The Trousers' - Colours May Vary