Lunch Lady #19

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The new Lunch Lady is here and is full of recipes, activities, articles and advice for all the family. Inside you'll find the maker mum who designed an amazing activity book with her eight-year-old son, there's an article on embracing danger (such as licking batteries!) and a section called Burgerland that has made us drool all over the keyboard! Elsewhere there's a section on history and uses of vinegar, a guide to Chinese vegetables and a deep dive into minimalism as a way of life.


Lunch Lady is a quarterly journal about food and family. Born from Kate Berry's blog, this beautiful magazine is a  blend of inspiring writing, gorgeous illustration and great photography.


Well, there's a section of chips titled 'Lord of the fries', which is a pun we like, and there's also an article on how to make a slingshot!

Lunch Lady #19 - Colours May Vary