Little White Lies #86 'Shirley'

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The new issue of Little White Lies turns it eye to the new Shirley Jackson biopic by director Josephine Decker. Inside you'll find  interviews with the director and its star, Elisabeth Moss, a guide to soundtrack composer, Tamar-Kali and an article on cinema, psychedelics and ego death!

Elsewhere LWL catches up with directors Miranda July, Nia DaCosta, Ben Wheatley and Channing Godfrey.


A blend of striking illustration and passionate writing make Little White Lies the best way of burying yourself inside the world of film. Each issue is themed around current film release and the articles within fly off at curious, fascinating and funny tangents from its epicentre.


A discussion with Charlie Kaufman on his latest brain melter 'I'm thinking about ending things'.

Little White Lies #86 'Shirley' | Colours May Vary