Little White Lies #85 'Food & Film Special'

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The new Little White Lies brings together film and food. As cinema closed its doors due to lockdown people's attentions turned to cooking up new recipes to eat while they sat in front of their favourite movies at home - so this issue celebrates this fusion.

Inside you'll find recollections of memorable meals from famous movie folk, Brad Pitt's onscreen eating appearances, the edible ingredients of movie gore and a tour of the finest fictional film eateries.


A blend of striking illustration and passionate writing make Little White Lies the best way of burying yourself inside the world of film. Each issue is themed around current film release and the articles within fly off at curious, fascinating and funny tangents from its epicentre.


Adam Woodward meets three professional film folk to explore the different, practical ways that they prepare and experiment with food for the camera.

Little White Lies #85 'Food & Film Special' | Colours May Vary