Little White Lies #81

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The new Little White Lies turns the spotlight on a true icon of the Silver Screen, Judy Garland. Rupert Goold's new biopic 'Judy' stars Renée Zellweger, and both she and director Goold sit with LWL to discuss the movie. Elsewhere there are stories about the Judy's life, tales of Andy Warhol's obsession with the Hollywood icon and a look at the rise and fall of her modern counterpart Lindsay Lohan. 


A blend of striking illustration and passionate writing make Little White Lies the best way of burying yourself inside the world of film. Each issue is themed around current film release and the articles within fly off at curious, fascinating and funny tangents from its epicentre.


All this and an interview with John Waters!

Little White Lies #81 'Judy' - Colours May Vary