Jacobin #40 'Biden Our Time'

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The cheeky pun of this issue's title suggests that there's time to wait yet until a proper, viable alternative to a US political landscape dominated by the reds and blues. Indeed, the opening article hints that the rise in democratic socialism may lead to a 'left that matters'. Issue #40 (which is just over half a Biden), takes a look at the 2020 Presidential Election and working-class voters via some eye-opening statistics, reviews the Obama memoir (remember when reviews used to be several pages long? Welcome back to that), looks back at Biden's role as a senator during the Clinton presidency, and ponders whether Biden, now President, will be able to put America 'back at the head of the table'.


The magazine of the Jacobin Foundation in Brooklyn is an enlightening political read - and with it's design and layout proves that the graphic design of the socialist left is every bit as powerful as that of the right.


That cover, in Democrat blue, with Biden ordained front and centre. As Obama, Bill and Hilary smile down and the people look up hopefully, what can the president actually deliver? Great cover art by Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva.

Jacobin #40 'Biden Our Time' | Colours May Vary