Jacobin #34 'War Is A Racket'

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The 'War Is Hell' issue of Jacobin looks at the machinations of war, its cost physically and economically. In a bumper sized issue the content ranges widely, from the fear of socialism in the Eisenhower era, to an escalation of aggression in Trump era foreign policy. There are chilling infographics detailing the number of US military installations in the world, the views of an army defector, a list of films made with the help of the department of Defence and a focus on the new HBO black comedy Barry.


The magazine of the Jacobin Foundation in Brooklyn is an enlightening political read - and with it's design and layout proves that the graphic design of the socialist left is every bit as powerful as that of the right.


It's the last place you'd expect to find an article on primitive garage rock supremos The monks - be we're glad we did.

Jacobin #34 'War Is A Racket' - Colours May Vary