Jacobin #30 'Childhood'

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YESSS! It's been a while since we've seen a Supermundane cover on one of our mags - and this is a beauty. The new Jacobin is about children - the future workers in our society, the easily oppressed, our most precious resource or a drain on parental income. Inside the new issue, the modern nature of childhood is discussed through articles which range from the effects of social spending on our kid's lives to the gulf between a normal birth and a Beyonce birth.


The magazine of the Jacobin Foundation in Brooklyn is an enlightening political read - and with it's design and layout proves that the graphic design of the socialist left is every bit as powerful as that of the right.


The bright, colourful comic insert illustrated by Malina Omut and written by Jacob Kramer (no, not that one). Kramer's art is 'all about how if the little guys band together, we will win'. 

Jacobin #30 'Childhood'