Huck Magazine #70 'The Burnout Issue'

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The new Huck is The burnout Issue. Inside there's a new 'opting out' manifesto written by Jenny O'Dell, Kevin 'Tame Impala' Parker talks about pushing himself to new extremes, Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones talk dystopia and there's Bregafunk, the Brazilian dance phenomenon that is challenging prejudice.


Huck salutes independence, heralds DIY principles and embraces grassroots counter-culture, whether that be in the spheres of music, fashion, travel, art, or... anything else that comes its way. Sharp, fierce, and informative.


The coffee fanatics who are revolutionising the once violent face of Columbian coffee growing.

Huck Magazine #70 'The Burnout Issue' - Colours May Vary