Hotshoe Magazine #208 | Martin Parr

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The new Hotshoe dedicates its pages to the British documentary photographer, photojournalist and photobook collector Martin Parr.


Over its 190 pages, you'll find curated highlights from some of Parr's most well-known projects, an interview with the great man himself, and recollections of his work from such luminaries as Alec Soth, Gerry Badger and Val Williams.


Photographs are included from the following projects:

Prestwich Mental Hospital | The Non-Conformists | Beauty Spots | China | Merseyside Colour | The Cost of Living | Bored Couples | From A to B | Benidorm | Black Country Stories | Beach Therapy | Blackpool | Black Lives Matter



Hotshoe is an independent London-based photography quarterly. Each issue focuses on innovative contemporary photography and is supported by beautiful images, intelligent writing and stunning design.


Size: 165 x 230mm

Pages: 192


Size: 165 x 230mm

Pages: 192


Hotshoe Magazine #208 | Martin Parr | Colours May Vary