Hotshoe Magazine #205 | 'At Home'

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The new Hotshoe features photographers that have been inspired by their families, their interior spaces, and their own back gardens. This beautifully assembled issue captures moments in time when time itself seemed to stop.

Featured photographers: Joan Albert, April Dawn Alison, Christopher Anderson, Narelle Autio, Judith Black, Motoyuki Daifu, Anna fox, Bertien van Maren, Raymond Meeks, Micheal E. Northrup, Trent Parks, Nigel Shafran, Mark Steinmetz, Larry Sultan.



Hotshoe is an independent London-based photography quarterly. Each issue focuses on innovative contemporary photography and is supported by beautiful images, intelligent writing and stunning design.



That beautiful Larry Sultan cover shot

Hotshoe Magazine #205 | 'At Home' | Colours May Vary
Hotshoe Magazine #205 | 'At Home'
Hotshoe Magazine #205 | 'At Home'