Hotshoe Magazine #203 'Southern'

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 The new Hotshoe looks at the work of 11 photographers whose work has documented the Southern states of the US. As Melissa DeWitt's editor's letter remarks, the iconography of the South is awash with images of snake-handlers, hillbillies, pickup trucks and college football, cliches it finds hard to escape. The cliches may be tough to avoid, but within these pages, a culturally complex region is presented through the lenses of talented photographers who present us with a new landscape.

Featured photographers: John Chiara; William Christenberry; John Cohen; Matthew Genitempo; Jacob Holdt; stacy Kranitz; Baldwin Lee; Susan Lipper; Sheron Rupp; Maude Schuyler Clay; Alec Soth and Mark steinmetz.


Hotshoe is independent London-based photography quarterly. Each issue focuses on innovative contemporary photography and is supported by beautiful images, intelligent writing and stunning design.


The colour portraits of Schuyler Clay, a personal history of Mississippians taken over 3 decades. 

Hotshoe Magazine #203 'Southern'
Hotshoe Magazine #203 'Southern'