Hinterland #13 | Family History Special

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Issue 13 is a family history special, packed full of writers seeking to understand their own pasts. The issue features a headline interview with Davina Quinlivan (Shalimar), in which the author explains how she traced her parents’ emigration from Burma, and outlines her own migration from busy London to the rural solitude of the West country. Other articles explore matrilineal lineages, difficult paternal relationships, an exile family returning to Beirut, a grandmother telling her granddaughter about surviving the end of the Second World War in Germany, and many more true stories besides.


Also featuring writing by Amy Cotler, Wendy Gan, Ina Skär Beeston, Jonathan Gorvett, Karen Kao, Alice Kent, SJ Lyon, Davina Quinlivan, Zhang Ruihe, Sarah Schofield, Lou Vargo, Harry Whitehead and Spencer Wood.



Hinterland is an independent quarterly, print and digital magazine, based out of the University of East Anglia, dedicated to creative nonfiction.


Size: 135 x 210mm

Pages: 180


Hinterland #13 | Family History Special